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LMC Special Conference 11 March

Dear colleagues, as you know the Special Conference of English LMCs was held this week to discuss the outcome of national negotiations and the contract agreement. The motions at the special conference focused on a wide range of contract related issues, including pay transparency, partnership incentives, fellowships, premises, vaccination payments, continuity of care, out of hours care, care home premiums and the future development of PCNs. There was also an important themed debate on the Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme with motions being passed by the special conference on this area.

An emergency motion was also agreed on the response required to support practices during the developing covid-19 pandemic. GPC England will consider how to take the resolutions forward. The conference resolved that a survey of the profession should be done to get feedback on whether practices intended to sign the PCN DES, and this is something GPCE will be trying to do as soon as practical.

You can read the resolutions here

A recording of the event is available via this link

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