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About us:

Who we are? What we do.

Cheshire Local Medical Committee Limited (LMC) is the only statutory representative body elected by local GPs, for GPs and their practice staff, in Cheshire.


We have up to 21 elected GP Committee Members who are responsible for directing the work of the LMC, and for representing and supporting our 600 GP members; salaried GPs and locums and their 79 GP practices, on the local and national stage on a daily basis. In essence we exist solely to represent, and provide specialist advice, support and guidance to our GPs and their practice staff, on all matters affecting their professional activities and contracts.


The advice and guidance that we provide can be on a range of issues from contractual disputes to new policies and what they really mean for General Practice. 

We are focussed on ensuring that Cheshire GPs and their practice staff have access
to the information and support they need to help them provide the best possible service to their patients.


Our LMC office staff are always available to provide free, confidential advice and support, and our regular member briefings and updates ensure that members are always in tune with local and national decision-making.


Our close working relationship with our GPs (including their regular contact with elected Committee Members) also enables us to better represent their local views during discussions and negotiations with commissioners and regulators, both locally and nationally, including, on the General Practitioners Committee, where we are able to access national representatives and highlight issues that are affecting Cheshire and the UK.


We also provide tailored training for our GPs and their practice teams on a number of topics.

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