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LMC Buying Group

Cheshire LMC has been a member of the LMC Buying Groups Federation since 2010. This means that all practices can access the discounts the Buying Group has negotiated on a wide range of products and services. If you're not sure what the Buying Group is all about then view the short video below which explains what they do. By registering with the Buying Group's website you can view all the suppliers' pricing, contact details and request quotes. The Buying Group also offers any member practice a free cost analysis which demonstrates how much money your practice could save just by swapping to buying group suppliers! Read more

Firearms licensing process: GP support guide

Background From 1 April 2016 new information sharing processes between GPs and the police were introduced in an attempt to ensure those licensed to possess firearm and shotgun certificates are medically fit to carry arms. We have significant concerns about these arrangements and we continue to raise them with the Home Office with the aim of agreeing a process that is fair to GPs in particular, and doctors in general, and safe for the wider public. Discussions are ongoing and any future improvements may necessitate the revision of this guidance. The following advice on the current system takes into account our discussions with the Home Office, the police and the British Association for Shooti

Ongoing issues with NHSPS

We are aware of ongoing issues that practices are experiencing with NHSPS. We are taking action to resolve these issues nationally, but as yet there remain significant unresolved matters which we are dealing with as a matter of urgency. One of the most pressing issues for practices is the increase in service charges. Increases are being levied with seemingly no reference to either i) the contractual arrangements (or lack of such arrangements) that are in place; or ii) the sums historically paid. This allied to the lack of itemised invoicing is making it impossible for practices’ to check whether the charges are payable and (to the extent they are) whether they are reasonable and have b

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