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Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs)


The LMC has developed a sound working relationship with the 4 Clinical Commissioning Groups in Western Cheshire, South & Vale Royal and Eastern Cheshire and meets with them on a regular basis.


It is important to distinguish the role of the CCG from that of the role of the LMC. The CCG is a commissioning body and as such has the responsibility to commission health services on behalf of the population with expert input from GPs. The role of the LMC (as established by Statute) is to represent GPs as providers of health care and consequently there could be conflicting points of views and issues that need to be resolved between the 2 organisations.


The CCGs are as follows:


West Cheshire CCG


South Cheshire CCG


Vale Royal CCG


Eastern Cheshire CCG



The LMC meets with the CCGs to discuss areas such as enhanced services, practice developments, funded shifts of work from secondary care to primary care and any other matter that may impact on primary care. The LMC acts as the voice of all GPs as providers. 


CCGs are responsible for commissioning the vast majority of NHS services including the following:


Urgent and emergency care (including A&E, ambulance services, and NHS 111)

Out-of-hours primary medical services (except where this responsibility has been retained by practices under the GP contract).


Currently CCGs are discussing with NHS England the co-commissioning of GP contracts.  This will lead to the management of GP contracts being delegated to CCGs in the future.

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