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Practice Manager Development Programme 2018/19 supported by NHSE GP Forward View

Practice Manager Development Programme 2018/19 supported by NHSE GP Forward View

Dear colleagues, as you will know from Julie Hughes in earlier messages we are about to launch the Practice Manager (PM) development programme for 2018/19. Two launch events (10th and 24th October) have been announced. These events will be identical and so you can book a place on either one. Email to reserve your place. You can view the Agenda

Why two events? We have organised two events to give some flexibility for you to book and attend. We have also based them on the two emerging Integrated Care Partnership developments as Practice Managers may wish to tie in the learning with established PM networks in West (including Vale Royal) or Eastern (including South) Cheshire.

What will be covered? In truth - we don't know YET! We want PMs to have some control of the learning and so as a first step we are suggesting you might wish to complete the attached personal learning needs analysis. You don't have to, but we would encourage you to do so, and share it with us by sending a copy back to Julie Hughes at the LMC.

We intend to share the main themes identified at the two launch events. Then we hope to form a short life focus groups made up largely of a small number of local PMs who will work with us to define the development programme for 2019 (and quite possibly beyond). We would then issue a brief to training companies who specialise in PM training. Again a few PMs might help us by being involved in this part of the exercise around Christmas/ January time. The development programme will be fully funded by the LMC and also in part by NHSE via some £13k of the GPFV funding. But this is your chance to actually shape the future learning of yourself and your peer group.

It could include 'system' things like 'what will the ICP look like and how will it impact on my practice?' It could include mentorship, peer group review, career development advice or support for your local PM network - or all four! Or you could be looking for either practical skills training (bid writing/ contract negotiation), or more understanding of practice premises/ dealing with staff issues/ understanding the future practice income streams. In theory at least the programme could be linked to some national diploma or certificate but this will obviously have a cost implication. CCGs may have access to some 'national monies which might also facilitate this but I would suggest this is something your local PM network might like to raise (and negotiate if this is the case) with them.

It really will be up to you. You might want to discuss it at one of your upcoming PM network sessions.

Clearly overall funding is limited year to year. The NHSE GPFV monies will help pump prime the programme but the majority will come from the statutory levy paid by practices covered by the Cheshire LMC. That is why most LMC events are limited to those practices and their staff.

So if you can spare some time to complete and return the analysis template download here we would be most grateful. Further details of the launch events will be sent out to those who are registered (or intend to register) very shortly. The session will include feedback from the above, a chance to ask questions and suggest some areas for development. The second part of the two launch session will have a practical focus on some specific issues.

Best wishes.

William Greenwood

Chief Executive and Company Secretary

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