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Special LMC Conference - Saturday 30 January 2016

Dear colleagues

Due to the growing unsustainable workload (and its associated pressures) and the lack of investment in general practice in recent years, many LMCs around the country have been calling for an opportunity to share collective thoughts and opinions on the worsening situation. As such, a one day special national conference has been set up to debate our collective professional response.

As an LMC we would like to get a collective response on topics ahead of the conference, which will be debated by Cheshire LMC representatives in readiness for the event.

To ensure that you have the opportunity to have your say, and get your thoughts captured in this really important forum, please can I ask you to think about the following questions and share your thoughts and views on them with me.

  • Going forward, what specific issues must be addressed? and

  • What range of actions would you personally, or as a practice, support?

As ever, time and deadlines are tight.

Please email your comments, thoughts and views to me by 8 December 2015 at


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